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Mike Henricks and Melody Brooke are award winning film makers whose films have screened all over the world.

Mike & Melody Films was born of our desire to communicate a new way to live in our complicated world. Our films reflect a view that through compassionate, intimate relationships we can change the world. Creating Films, Video and Commercial work that invokes intimate connection.

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Our Stories

As producers we scour through screenplays looking for films that demonstrate intimate connections with uplifting messages. Often those are our own films, but we love to produce other peoples work that demonstrates the qualities of good story, complex characters, intimate connections, and meaning.

Through feature films, short films, web series, corporate films, and commercial work we look to tell stories that evoke emotions and inspire action.

When we inspire others to feel, to re-evaluate earlier perceptions of reality; then we have done our job.We are not merely telling entertaining stories; we are changing hearts.

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Make Your Film

If you have a great story, we will look the story over and see if it fits the criteria for the type film we want to support (generally thats going to be a story that changes people in some way). We can help you make your short film or your feature film a reality.

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Mike and Melody behind the camera

We are working on some exciting things, from comedies to dramas, we've got a lot in the works.

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