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We can do this, but if we want all our creative energies to go into what you will see on screen, we need some help. Making a short requires an insane amount of work (we've done over a dozen, so I guess we are....) A feature, well its more than just half a dozen shorts.

This time we’ll HAVE to have the support team to make each day on set as effective as powerful. You can't shoot 7-10 pages a day without doing a lot of homework before each shoot. And that doesn't leave much time and energy for the logistics of making it all work

There are two ways to help right now.

The Promises Indiegogo campaign starts August 14, 2014, during the Mike & Melody Films 2014 Showcase at the Venetian Cinema.

For investment opportunities, contact us directly. It’s hard to make money in movies without a great product with the lowest COGS!

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Sometimes our past makes living hard
            Sometimes it comes back to save us

Childhood companions meet again 20 years later and learn to turn the landmines inherent in any important relationship into the goldmine waiting for the few of us tough enough to survive the explosions

You know you are going to feel something watching a Mike & Melody film. With 90 minutes to play with you get pulled into humor, adventure, drama and romance.

Promises is a romantic comedy that starts with Sara and Joe as latchkey kids and friends in a difficult neighborhood. Joe moves away and they both change their nicknames to escape their past. Of course, events toss them together and their old friendship somehow pulls them through a rocky romance. After much strife, they learn each other’s real identities. Love provides the context that slowly reframes their abusive pasts to set them free to live and love.... but not without a few bruises and laughter along the way.

Comments from a consultant’s analysis of the screenplay:

The introduction to Sara and Joe is heartfelt and a strong establishment of their relationship. Sara, as the strong one that feels like she needs to protect Joe is cute and will pay off later in the script when Mac says "someone has to look out for you," a strong tie-in from the intro. Zach's relationship with his mother feels very tormented and is mined well to give both characters deep emotional issues. The way things are put on the table between Zach and Olivia is heart-wrenching and gratifying. Zach is a very likable protagonist that is clearly trying to do good by his family despite his childhood trauma. The Mac and Zach relationship is fun to watch as it develops and as the pair use each other to get through the hardships of their past. The moment with the wrench present is cute and the first moment they share in the shower is powerful and mysterious. Mac's issues with men are a strong through line that serve as great character work and really make the reveal about her time in the Marines hit hard.


Mid July we will begin the casting process. Like our FB page to stay connected to updates on casting, crew calls andmore.

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