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Mike Henricks & Melody Brooke Henricks

Melody is a 20 plus year veteran therapist, author, actor, screenwriter, director and producer. Mike is a master programmer, cinematographer and creative genius whose wit drives the humor in screenplays, and whose eye creates the powerful images in our films.

Mike & Melody Films was born of our desire to communicate a new way to live in our complicated world. Our films reflect a view that through compassionate, intimate relationships we can change the world.

Mike Henricks
Directory, Director of Photography, and Writer

A builder at heart, Mike has designed and built homes, a veterinary practice, and currently develops workflow software for midsize companies. His passion for maximizing creativity and unleashing human productivity drives much of the production process (and EZIndie, software for independent film production).

Creativity is his real passion and writing this screenplay unleashed a torrent storytelling that is at once funny and emotionally gripping. His keen eye for moving images along with his technical mind creates the perfect combination for a brilliant cinematographer.

Melody Brooke Henricks
Director, Producter, Writer and Actor

Raised in Oklahoma in the wings of a theatre, Melody came to drama naturally. From childhood she was writing scripts for herself and her siblings to act out for family functions. She went on to obtain a degree in Theatre from the University of Texas at Dallas and, later, a Masters Degree in Counseling and Guidance from TWU.

In the 1980’s Melody was a highly respected actor, casting director, and actor’s coach working for three separate schools teaching acting students at all levels from all over the metroplex. Melody studied and taught with Jeff Alexander, Jayne Mansfield’s acting coach. The birth of her twin girls pulled her out of acting and into a career as a Licensed Professional Counselor. With the twins and their older sister grown up and “launched” and two books to her credit, Melody returns to film with an invigorated passion for great story telling.

Her experience both as an actor, and as a counselor gives her a unique perspective on human nature that inspires her, along with husband Mike, to create intimate and powerful of drama that touches everyone.

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