We can help you
Make Your Film

Mike and Melody

We choose to support independent film producers, writers and directors with great stories to tell that make a difference.

Do you have a story? Do you have big dreams that seem nearly impossible? We can help.

Having produced multiple short films for next to nothing, and a feature film on a shoestring we understand what it takes to create films on a small budget. Our goal in the past several years was to both hone our skills and acquire equipment to provide us with the tools we need to make great films that do not appear to have been shot on a low budget. Luckily, with todays technologies this is more than possible.

We have a full set of equipment to make this possible for you. Raising funds becomes easier if you are not trying to get up in to the millions and worrying about acquiring high dollar west coast talent.

We believe in the independent artist, whether you are a screenwriter, actor, director, or producer we are set to help you create the film of your dreams.

We have the equipment and crew to tell the story you want to tell. Whether its as short film or a feature film, we can make it happen.

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