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Make This Your Film

Mike and Melody

The collaboration between a director and a DP is critical if you really have something to say. Film is such a complex medium: script, lighting, performance, framing, blocking, type of light, color of light, music ... it doesn't end. No one speaks all the languages. I can help you translate your film into a few of them.

The dance between a director and a DP can be a beautiful thing. But it has to be the director's dance or your film can dissolve into chaos. A DP that throws all of his creative experience in to your production is a huge advantage only if he knows whose film it is.

My Experience

Melody and I have produced a dozen shorts and our feature film "Promises." I've co-written, directed, shot, lit, recorded the sound, edited and completed post production color and sound on almost all of them. I've assisted on others in whatever capacity they needed.

Lighting and dynamic composition to convey the richness of your story are specific passions of mine. If I'm on a tripod, I'll also be on a traveler so the camera can move with the scene. Sometimes that's not enough and I'll break out the Steadicam. The composition in each frame must reflect the dynamics in the scene. That comes from lighting, the right lens, and moving the camera to compose and tell your story. Go look at anything painting by Caravagio, Rubens or Rembrandt and you'll see it.

Whatever level you are seeking in your next production, I've been there and know how to help you get there. As a DP, the thrill is supporting the diretor's dream.

Let's talk about your film. Call me at 214 924-5765 or email mike@mikeandmelodyfilms.com


My Equipment


  • BlackMagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K
  • BlackMagic Production 4K
  • Lens

  • 15mm - 200mm Zeiss
  • Camera Support

  • Fluid heads (Miller and Manfrotto)
  • Tripod slider
  • Steadicam
  • Lights

  • Arri Tungsten (4)
  • Kino Flo 2 X 4'
  • HMI
  • Sound

  • Rode NTG3 X 2
  • Booms, Cables, Preamps
  • Grip

  • C-Stands
  • Light Modifiers
  • etc

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